Tim Allen

Galaxy Quest (1999)

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Galaxy Quest (1999)
Featured in: Week 1
Watched by: Tony

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Entire Week 1 podcast


TWiF Week 01: (The Revenant, Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse, Galaxy Quest, Virtuosity, Wall-E)

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This Week in Film, join Nick, Charlie, & Tony as they discuss The Revenant, Scout’s Guide to the Apocalypse, Galaxy Quest , Virtuosity, and Wall-E.

**This was our first episode, so the sound quality isn’t super great and we hadn’t really locked in on a format. But listen in and enjoy the wonder of learning.

Entire Week 01 Podcast

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Here is the rundown for this week’s show:
Week 01: (This episode had no official title)
with Nick, Tony, & Charlie
00:00: Show Open & Intro
01:32: The Revenant
04:25: Scout’s Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse
06:00Galaxy Quest 
07:15: Virtuosity
10:30: Wall-E
11:22: Plugs & Show Close


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