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Logan (2017)

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Logan (2017)
Featured in: Week 54
Discussed by: Nick

Click here for Nick’s Week 54 Logan Segment

Entire Week 54 podcast:


Week 54: Get Logan to Silence Road (Logan, Get Out, Road to the Well, Silence)

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This Week in Film, join Nick, Ray, and Matt V as they go live on the Facebook. Well, you cant join them because it happened already, but you can watch the stream here on Facebook! But if things seems a little weirder than usual today, it’s because of the Facebook thing.

This week we talk about Logan, Get Out, Silence, and Road to the Well.

Week 54 Podcast:

Very minors spoilers this week.

Here’s the rundown for this week’s show:

0000: Show open & Intro
02:29: Ray decides to get out of doing the podcast, and then talks about the movie Get Out
11:33: Matt V. blesses us with some Silence
Also he tries to buy friendship with his Netflix account again
17:33: Nick gets X-cited, hilarious, about Logan
24:45: Then we drive down the Road to the Well
35:43: Ray’s final #RaysRayndomRayquest:
Can you name a sequel that came out a very long time after the original?
(for example, Jurrasic World or the new Logan X-men movie)
39:01: Plugs & Show Close

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