Video Edition 6 – 10

TWiF Video Edition #8: Burning Squad – China

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This Week in Film, join Nick, Ray, and Charlie as we discuss Big Trouble in Little China, The Monster Squad, & The Burning.

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Also this week, we went over the answers to last weeks Ray’s Rayndom Rayquest; What movie disappointed you the most?

Answer Ray’s Rayndom Rayquest for this week:

“What movie do you have to have seen as a kid in order to enjoy as an adult?’

And then tune into next weeks episode when we’ll read your responses on the show!

Keep sending in those listener questions! We will discuss/debate it on the show!

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TWiF Video Edition #7: The Super Amy Thing (The Thing, Amy, Super Mario Bros.)

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The latest This Week in Film Video Edition!

This week in film Nick, Ray, and Charlie watched The Thing, Amy, and Super Mario Bros.

Designed a new open for the show, please let us know how you feel about it.

send us messages to let us know where your watching from!
also, is there anything you wish we did more of or less of.

Answer Ray’s Rayndom Rayquest!
What is your favorite video game movie adaptation?

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TWiF Video Edition #6: Gun Job

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Here is the Video Edition of the Week 10 audio podcast.

This week in film we watched Top Gun and Steve Jobs.

Charlie skipped out on this episode to avoid the wrath of Mac & Me, so that gives us the chance to welcome Ray to the show!

Answer Ray’s Random Request:

What’s your favorite Val Kilmer movie?

We read the many answers from Keith’s Kooky Query.

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