Point Break (1991)

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Point Break (1991)
Featured in: Week 19, Week 34
Discussed by: Keith, Nick

Keith’s Week 19 Point Break (1991) Seddon Tomatoes segment
Nick’s Week 34 Point Break (1991) Discussion segment

Entire Week 19 Podcast:

Entire Week 34 Podcast:

Nick’s Week 34 Point Break Notes  (I’m not fixing any of these typos, you’re welcome):

*After rays review last week of the new point break I was compelled to watched the classic.

*My brother was in town and he told me he had never seen it, so we put it on and after finishing it he said “that was great! I really like that, it was the best kind of terrible!”

*this movie is an excellent example of what you can do when you have great direction, charismatic actors, exciting action sequences and a terrible terrible script and even worse acting.

*It exists in the 1991 post glam rock music era, everyone looks like they just left the set taking turns recording extremes “more than words”. Anthony kiedas has a cameo and this was I think just before the chili peppers really blew up and after that grunge music in general. If this movie came out even two years later the music would feel so dated and that Seattle sound would ruin a movie dripping in LA rock. The movie really feeds on the idea of the dangerous Southern California surfer dude. Always looking for a fight and if you don’t know how to surf stay out of the water, or better yet, stay out of LA.

*this movie is long. It feels every minute it’s two hour runtime. But there isn’t a whole lot of waste. *the raid sequence doesn’t effect the overall story but it adds an exciting action sequence but there are no real consequences for Keanu and busey.

*raid sequence is an example of great direction though. No music. Tense and exciting. Lots of close ups. Quick cuts. Clear sound. And the point of view changes from character to character seamlessly. You go from the bad guys perspective to Keanu’s to busey and you can clearly follow all the action leading up to the gun fight.

*great stunts – I remember a making of segment of this movie where they talk about the scene where Keanu jumps without a shoot. Obviously the stunt man wouldn’t do that for real but he wore a parachute under a shirt to hide it. But the goal to reach swazye was the same. If he ran into trouble he would have to lose the shirt and then pull his shoot. So it was a dangerous stunt and it looks great in the movie.



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