Week 20: Hush Shark 4 (Fantastic 4, Avalanche Sharks, Hush)

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This week in film, join Nick, Ray, & Charlie as they discuss Hush, Fantastic 4, and Avalanche Sharks.

We missed last weeks regular episode, but we come back stronger than ever with a super sized episode! Nearly 8 minutes longer than usual! WOW!

First up was Ray, who talked about the train wreck that was the 2015 Fantastic 4 movie.

Next up was Nick, who talked about the train wreck that was the 2014 Avalanche Shark movie. It was about snow Sharks.

Finally Charlie talks about how he enjoyed the 2016 thriller, Hush.

Answer this weeks Rays Rayndom Rayquest!

“What is the worst movie you ever saw in theaters?”

We also answer the many responses to “last weeks” question.

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